Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Expert Author Josh S Langford

I'm going to suggest some things to consider when choosing the right home based business that will meet your needs and goals.
There are a few things to consider when looking at a home based business opportunity. A lot of people start looking at home business opportunities due to some type of change that happens in their life. They get fired from their job, laid off, can't pay their bills, or like me need a way to make a full time income from home. So when this happens where does everyone turn, to the internet. They Google make money from home or work from home and find there are so many choices of different businesses and opportunities. So where do they start? Well that is where you have to examine what you are looking to create
Are you looking to build wealth online or just make some money?
This is where you have to look at the goal that you want to accomplish, type of business you want to create, or freedom you are looking for. Do you just want to make a couple of thousand dollars a month or do you want to build a home business that can create life changing wealth? Do you just want to sell someone else's products or build your own business to start selling your own as well? I know when I started looking online it was just to find a way to replace the income from my job, but then I decided why stop at just replacing it when I could actually double it.
What's the difference in make a lot of money verses a little?
There are a couple of categories when it comes to online products and commissions; you have your low ticket items which just means you only have the possibility to make between like 10-500 dollars a sale, and then you have your big ticket items which can bring you a commission of 500-20k per sale. What you have to consider when choosing to go with a low ticket product line which is usually like an MLM, or affiliate marketing or to go with a big ticket item which some affiliate marketing can fall into depending on price point but usually these are covered by a top tier direct sales platform, is how much volume are you going to have to do to reach your income goals. Making 10 dollars a sale and trying to make 10k a month requires you to do a very large volume. Whereas with a top tier you can make anywhere from 500 to a few thousand per sale cuts your volume way down. It is possible with a top tier company to make a six figure income with only a few sales a month which is why they are so intriguing.
What are some key points of a good online home based business?
There are three major things that are needed from home based business opportunity. The first thing is a system that you can leverage that does almost all the selling for you so you can concentrate on driving traffic and making sale, without being able to go right into making sales right in the beginning you will most likely run out of money before you can get a system put in place to get started. You want to find something that is a turnkey platform where you can get good at lead generation (prospects interested in your product) before you start branding yourself. Once you have mastered this then you can start to build out on your own type of system. The second thing is a community of people that you can mastermind with and learn from; this is a group of people with common interests and ways of thinking. The third thing is a mentor that has already gotten the result that you are looking to get and has been through the experience of building their own business. Having a mentor to help guide you is one of the most important things in being successful. If you want to raise yourself to a higher level then you have to surround yourself with people at a higher level, this is why a community and high level mentors are so important.
What I have shared with you is that first thing when looking at home based business opportunities is to understand what you want out of it and the type of income you are looking to create. Next once you find one that you are considering to look for the three main things that will help you to become successful, first a turnkey system to market, second a community that you are a part of, and third a high level successful mentor to guide you throw the learning curve.

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